Code Bank

Are you scratching your head and having writers (word) block? Can’t seem to think of just the right code word for that lucky (or soon to be tortured person) who’s to receive the “fun” gift? You’ve come to the right page. We have put together lists of “common” five letter words that have had some filtering. The word ARRGH (an interjection expressing disgust or distress) and DEHAM (to remove ham) did not make the cut just like thousands of others. Sure, we might have accidentally missed a few good ones or made a typo – let us know please and we’ll add or fix. Likewise, there are plenty of five letter names of people but we only include a few of the more interesting ones…… STING.

Take some time to choose a good one, a quirky one, one that will allow you to provide many diverse clues from the obscure to obvious. Try to make it neither too easy nor too difficult.

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