Spin the Bottle Wine Game

Spin the Bottle™

Vino Vault™ companion game

Ages 21-101

4-10 couples/groups


Spin the Bottle is a fun adult dinner party game that allows guests to exchange bottles of wine.


Crack the codes by solving game clues that allow you to open the Vino Vault and capture the bottle inside. Watch out! Unless you have amnesty, someone might capture your bottle. Enjoy good company, food, and wine in a party atmosphere while playing a fun adult game. At the game’s end everyone will take home a different bottle. The better you are at solving clues and cracking codes, the better chance you’ll have at capturing your favorite bottle of the evening.


(1) Spinner Board
(2) Spinner parts
(100) Code Word and Clue Cards, (2) Decks of 50
(1) Game rules / directions sheet


Spin the Bottle is to be played around a table while tasting wine and food pairings at dinner parties or other events. It can be played leisurely during the course of the event with breaks taken to get up and socialize. Although hosts can provide the food & wine, it’s much more fun if guests participate by bringing a food paired to match along with two identical bottles of wine. The theme of the game could center on a particular wine type such as reds, whites, blends, or more to a specific varietal like Merlot, Cab, Shiraz, etc. Themes could include wine regions such as Sonoma, Paso Robles, or appellations like Carneros, Alexander Valley, or McLaren Vale. Not to suggest gambling by any means, you could propose a price range so that you don’t end up with someone bringing (clue: a four letter word typically used to describe something unsavory), unless of course that’s the theme of the party…which could also be interesting.


Whose Taste Next?

Clue 4 U

Weddings and Events



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