Puzzle Pod Money Puzzle Box

 Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex, Brain Teaser Puzzle and Coin Bank

Your Next Gift Becomes An Adventure!

Looking to give that special someone something unique, entertaining, and fun? Set them off on a code-cracking treasure hunt game with this cryptex, ala Da Vinci Code that they’ll never forget. Our money puzzle box works perfect as an escape room puzzle or prop. Makes a great puzzle box for kids or adults. If You Like Money Maze Puzzle Boxes, You’ll Love This!

Set Your Own Personal Code

Puzzle Pod Cryptex brain teaser allows you to lock any number of gifts inside and set your own personal five letter code word. This cryptex puzzle is more fun and challenging than a money maze puzzle and it can be reset and used over and over again, each game being unique! The person receiving your gift inside the cryptex will need to crack your code word before getting what’s inside.

Design Your Own Treasure Hunt Game

You Create the Fun. Puzzle Pod is perfect for use as an escape room puzzle or escape room prop too. You make up your own set of clues. The game can be simple or challenging, last one evening, a month, or longer. Time the delivery of your puzzle clues to allow the code to be broken on a specific date – birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special event. Clues to unlock the cryptex can be delivered any number of unique ways. The first clue might be a cryptic message written in the card given with your gift. Following clues could be emailed or placed on hidden notes left at home or office. Maybe your sets of clues will be linked through song titles or lyrics, novel passages, on websites, billboards, or left with friends and family. The possibilities are unlimited and open to your own imagination as to how the game “plays out.” There are no set rules. You design your game. Puzzle Pod Cryptex brain teaser allows you to create your own custom fun and adventure.
Please note: This product is intended for indoor use only.

Many Gift Possibilities

Toys, watches, jewelry, keys to a car, money, gift cards, candy, smart phones, cigars, and much more can fit in this money puzzle box. The bottle accepts items that will fit though a 2-3/4” (70mm)  diameter opening and up to 7-3/4” (197 mm) in length. It cannot hold any liquids. Once the cryptex brain teaser puzzle is solved, you could extend the fun even further and include yet another clue inside that sets them off on another leg of the treasure hunt.

Exposed or Concealed?

Your gift can be elegantly wrapped as a surprise for the end of the game or left fully exposed in the cryptex’s bottle – to taunt and tease them. Jelly beans or chocolates inside the bottle make nice camouflage for concealing a surprise beneath – like jewelry (engagement ring, Rolex, etc.), keys to a new car, or something else.

Ping-Pong It, Re-Gift it, or make it a Coin Bank

The Puzzle Pod Cryptex combination code can be reset over and over. With five tumblers, each having a 26 letter alphabet, there are just under 12 million code possibilities. After cracking the code, the person who received it could re-gift it to someone else, or better yet, “ping-pong it” back to you and send you off on a treasure hunt. The bottle cap is slotted and accessible from underneath, so that you can keep it on your desk as a coin bank.

Office Games

Have this cryptex set up at your office or business with a prize inside to be given away periodically. A fun game to play to encourage sales, teamwork, and employee performance with the opportunity to receive clues. Crack the cryptex code to win gifts like tickets to theater, sporting events, concerts, restaurant certificates, gift cards, etc. Great for company events and picnics!

Retail & Web Store Games

Give clues on your website to promote your store’s services or products. Encourage people to stop by your store to see if they can crack the cryptex code and get the prize inside. It’s Easy to Reset the Cryptex Combination for this money puzzle box.

Simple Set Up

Don’t you just hate microscopic, poorly written & illustrated instructions printed on cheap tissue-like paper typically given with most products? Two things were done to help make your first “out of box” experience with Puzzle Pod Cryptex a good one. First off, there are step by step online video instructions to assist you. The videos show the recoding of Vino Vault wine cryptex, which is almost identical to the Puzzle Pod Cryptex. Secondly, the assembly instructions included are printed with big, clear, easy to read, text and illustrations to guide you.

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Choosing Code Words

Need help in thinking of a good five letter code word? Visit our Code Bank which has an A-Z collection of more common five letter words.
A Cryptex for Wine Bottles?
If you like Puzzle Pod brain teaser, then check out Vino Vault, which is a cryptex specifically designed to fit 750ml wine and spirithttps://puzzle-pod.com/vino-vault/s bottles. Wine makes a great present, especially when it can be a reward as part of a fun game!


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