Weddings and Events

At weddings, parties, and events people tend to gravitate and socialize with those that they know, never venturing too far from their assigned reception table. What if there were some means that encouraged people to get up, introduce themselves, and mingle – an ice breaker? Forget the wedding favors, corporate coffee mugs, etc. At this party there will be only one reception gift per table – a nice bottle of wine and the Vino Vault wine cryptex puzzle surrounding it. Only one person per table will walk away with it at the end of the event. If they want it, they’ll have to do a bit of detective work – more rather, participate in a fun social game. And with the chance of winning a premium bottle of wine and a fun puzzle to bring home, why not? It is the proverbial carrot (wine bottle) hung out in front of the horse (human).
At your event, place one Vino Vault wine cryptex at each table. You will have already chosen and set up different code words and inserted bottles into each puzzle. When the guests find their table seating card (name and table assignment), the card will tell them to “look at the reverse side.” On the reverse side will be a different table number as well clue (word or phrase). The clue is associated to the puzzle at that other table. Some clues are obscure and some are easy. No one knows who has clues to the puzzle at their own table.
Along with choosing your code words (you might want to peruse the code bank) and setting the puzzle up with the wine, you will need to come up with the sets of clues for the code words.
Just how many clues will you need to generate?
The number of clues needed for each code word equals number of guests at each table. Ten people per table means ten clues needed per code word. Eight people per table, means eight clues are needed per code word. You’ll need a clue for each and every guest.
If it sounds like a lot of work, it really isn’t. Just choose good code words that have lots of alternate meanings or that can be used in many different contexts and then “Google” them.  You will have plenty of ideas to generate the clues. See the “choosing a code” word page.
You may choose to start the game during drinks and appetizers (using the table seating cards to start the game earliest in the event). Alternatively you can choose to have separate clue cards placed at table settings. In this case the game would start after guests are seated.
Getting clues for the puzzle at your table requires introducing yourself to others to see if they might have a clue for you. After gathering enough clues, someone will have enough to crack the code at their table. They will take out the bottle and set both next to their place setting – indicating that they have won. The puzzle instructions will be included. Not a bad way to coerce people out of being shy?