Puzzle Pod Mini

  • Puzzle Pod Mini is Gift Puzzle that Turns a Small Gift, Cash, Check, or Gift Card into an Exciting Code Cracking Game
  • Set Up Your Own Personalized Five Letter Unlocking Code Word on this Brain Teaser Puzzle
  • Recipient Must Solve Your Clues and Crack the Code on this Puzzle Box to Open and Receive Their Gift Inside
  • Design a Personalized Creative Game. Deliver a Series of Clues in Person, Text, Phone, or Email
  • An Inexpensive, Intriguing, and Fun Gag Gift – Great for Hanukkah, Christmas, Birthdays, Escape Room Puzzle and Prop, and More. If You Like Money Maze Puzzle Boxes, You’ll Love This!

Transform the exchange of any ordinary gift into something extraordinary!

Everyone appreciates receiving a gift, but when you give one in Puzzle Pod Mini, you provide a fun challenge. A fun puzzle box for kids or adults.

Puzzle Pod Mini – secret code puzzle box and coin bank, creates a fun, interactive, code cracking game between you and the recipient!

If you’ve had fun with our Puzzle Pod Cryptex –Brain Teaser and Coin Bank, then you’re going to love this new smaller version gift puzzle as well.

  • A great way to make someone use their brain and work a little bit with an intellectual challenge, before they’ll receive their gift
  • Recipient will have to solve your clues to crack a five letter code word that you’ve set up before being able to unlock the puzzle and find out what’s inside.
  • As much fun to give and play out as receive
  • You’ll have the fun of setting up your own personalized game.

This is a perfect special small gift for kids, teens, boys and girls who like secret puzzle boxes, money maze, and brain teaser puzzles. It also can be used for secret storage of notes or as a funny gag gift for adults as a way to deliver gift certificates, concert, sporting, or theater tickets. It could be used as part of an escape room game. Produced in durable ABS plastic. Get your gift and game on!

Escape room prop? Sure, this can make a great addition to a set of escape room puzzles as it can hold either a metal or card key or perhaps even a promotional gift card for your escape room business.

Great for Giving Gift Cards, Cash, Checks, Notes, Keys, and More

Fun surprises come in small packages. This gift puzzle is sized to hold gift cards, cash, checks, keys, jewelry, notes, and other small items. The money puzzle can only be opened when the set code word is aligned beneath the marker allowing the cover to be removed. These make fantastic gifts, not only during the holiday season, but also all year long:

  • Birthday Gifts
  • Graduation Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts
  • Retirement Gifts
  • Escape Rooms Puzzles & Games
  • Employee Appreciation Gifts
  • Corporate, Special Events, Conferences, Parties & Picnics
  • Client Gifts

If you love brain teaser puzzles, escape rooms, and gift puzzles like a money maze, then you’ll love this!

Each Game is Unique and Easy to Set-Up

For this gift card holder, you’ll choose your own five letter code word. Then you’ll need to think up a wide range of related clues – ranging from hard/obscure to simple/obvious.

Code set up on this gift puzzle box is simple. Peel off and apply the five adhesive backed alphabet bands. Align your chosen code letters directly in front of the black dots. The cover on this money puzzle can only be removed when the set code word is aligned beneath the marker. An extra set of letter bands is provided. Make the game easy or hard by the type of clues you deliver – either in person, phone, texts, emails, hidden notes, etc. The game can last an hour, an evening, several days.

Mail off a unique birthday or holiday gift to someone well ahead of time – taunt them with harder, more obscure clues at first, followed by progressively easier ones as the special day arrives. Set up of your brain teaser game is completely open to your imagination – fun for both you and the recipient.

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