Choosing a Code Word

Puzzle Pod Cryptex can be set to any five letter word of your choice. It could have some special meaning between you and the person you’re giving it to – maybe an inside joke? It could be a random person, place or thing. Animal, vegetable or mineral? A person’s name? Need some ideas? Take a look in the CODE BANK.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a code word.

A word that has several meanings, synonyms or that could be used in different contexts will provide better options when developing your clues. For example let’s say that you chose the code word “BROWN.”

Some potential clues to give might be:

Brown University,
James Brown,
Hash Browns,
Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl,
UPS color (no brainer),
You get the idea. You’ll want to choose a word that provides lots of options.

Make use of an online dictionary, thesaurus, search engines etc. The Internet is a great resource.

There are thousands upon thousands of five letter words, but only a small percentage make decent code words for this game  Give someone the code word ABOUT or LINUX and you just might get hit over the head with a Vino Vault!